A village market is a very important place for the villagers. It is a place where they go to buy and sell different things. It is, in fact, the primary center to meet the people’s need and gear up their economic development. A village market is generally situated on the bank of a small river or canal or by the side of a highway. More often it sits on cross-roads. Thus it is connected with neighboring villages with a network of communication facilities. In low-lying areas, the villagers come to market by small boats. It sits once or twice in a week and in the afternoon. Besides serving economic purposes, a village market has a great social importance also. It is a meeting place of the villagers. Here they meet and greet their friends and relatives who also come to buy and sell their things. Thus they share and exchange their joys and sorrows and renew their contracts. Considering the importance of village markets, the authorities concerned should take necessary steps for their development.